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XPRO employees believe that their most important task for today's precise electronics to develop the strongest and most diverse protection. From the beginning, XPRO was delivering specialty commercial protection solutions and this experience led to the innovation of an even better quality mechanical and chemical composition of the multilayer foil production. At the company, most of the time and effort is invested into quality testing or the product because customers should receive only the most trusted product. A separate team's responsibility to improve the products' usability improvement but the ergonomy and design is a basic concept during the innovation process.

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iPhone 4 / 4S TEMPERED GLASS 0.33 DIAMOND SCREEN PROTECTOR 0,33mm thick shiny

The number one women’s favorite. Stylish glamor with strong, multi-layered composite protection. The tiny sparkling diamonds glitters dazzling effect turns your device to a jewelry box. Colorless version with silver mica. Specially tempered, safety glass composite layer enclosing structure, rounded edges, 9H hardness by a sharp object, with great force is difficult to scratch yet. The touch pad sensitivity is not affected. Due to the nature of oleophobic effect. Easy to install.

xPRO tempered glass features:

  • Durable high-grade Tempered glass
  • Tapered edges won't snag and break
  • Military-grade scratch protection
  • Silky-smooth feel and precision touch sensitivity
  • Ultimate image clarity
  • 3D touch compatibility

XPRO™ Package Contents:

  • Screen protector
  • Alcohol stain remover (Isopropyl)
  • Micro-fiber cleaning clothes
  • Dust and installation stickers
  • Application instructions

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